How to use the Speedrid electric bike

How to use the Speedrid electric bike

Before your use

  1. Please be sure you have turned on the power with the key. Keys are usually attached to the cable, Please kindly refer to the screenshot to find the keyhole,



  1. The surface of the key handle needs to be parallel to the frame, atthis time you have turned on the power


  1. After turning on the power, please kindly check whether the headlight and horn are working properly to ensure that the power system of the bike is working properly.



Getting Started

  1. Pedal Assist Mode
  2. a. Be sure you have turned on the powerwith key.
  3. Long press the power button in the middle of the meter to turn ON the meter. After the meter is turned on, it will default to the Pedal Assist Mode.

Pedal Assist Sensors (PAS) 1-5, designed to help you pedal easier, you can press “+”/ “—” button to adjust PAS level. The power is activated only when you pedal.



  1. Pure Electric Mode( twist & go )

If you press the "—" to decrease the PAS level to “0”, your bike has switched to the pure electric mode. Please note the Pure Electric Mode will only work if it is set to "0". )



Warm tip: For more specific meter settings, please kindly refer to the separate meter manual attached to the product.